The Philosophy and Values Driving Passages Malibu

All of the services provided at Passages Malibu are driven by a distinctive philosophy, which forms the foundation for treatments procedures, care, and support during rehabilitation. Our purpose is to help individuals receive personalized treatment that step away from the rigid and restricted boundaries of conventional addiction treatment. These treatments clinically enforce their clients to follow structured programs, each phase is driven by a recovery-focused treatment that focused on addiction.

However, at Passages Malibu, we do away with these boundaries and allow the client freedom during the rehabilitation. Each client is given a luxury and private space, where they can follow sober and healthy lifestyles available to them. Our individualized treatment plans offer just those sessions to the clients that can help them relax and be comfortable. Once comfortable, the client habitually feels inclined and curious to use the services available to them.

Each individual under our care is given utmost respect, it empowers their identity and encourages self-reliant behavior that can be used after treatment to remain sober. Unlike traditional treatments, which enforce the client to realize their addictive behavior by labeling them as addicts, our luxury rehab identifies each client as a person. The clients under our care are not treated as addicts or patients, rather as people that need help and support to become whole again.

The personalized treatment at Passages Malibu uses in-depth counsel to help the client deal with underlying issues that might be causing the client to behave erratically. We offer a holistic and herbal form of treatment during rehab, which helps the client learn healthier patterns of living and coping in a slow yet natural manner. This approach allows the client to heal in the mind, body, and spirit as they receive relaxing and stress-free therapy sessions, which only encourage them to be independent and productive.

To find out more about the philosophy behind addiction treatment at Passages Malibu, please call us at 866-327-3537, we will answer all of your queries in a confidential and private manner.

Compassionate and Dignifying System of Care

Our values of care depend on offering utmost respect to the client no matter their issue. This system of care allows the client to feel empowered during the rehab, so they do not feel alienated nor exhorted. Our support team offers compassionate care to these individuals, so they feel safe as they begin their journey towards recovery.

The compassionate approach is also used during all forms of therapy and counseling sessions, and it helps the counselors and the clients to connect so they can discuss their issues. The counselors and therapist at our luxury rehab use only holistic procedures, which encourages and teaches the client healthier habits of life through support and compassion.

Natural Addiction Treatment— The Holistic and The Herbal

The addiction treatment at Passages Malibu has been constructed with the careful consideration that clients with severe addiction need. Our treatment modality thrives on the diverse and alternative approach of recovery as opposed to clinical and mundane procedures used in the conventional form of addiction treatment.

The holistic and herbal treatments used during rehab encourage sobriety without enforcing or imposing any lifestyles on the client. They walk a healthier path on their own as they come to realize the benefits of healthier living. This integrated modality was developed in hopes to combat the clinical clutch traditional form of rehabilitation often offers during addiction recovery. Our sessions aim to relax and counsel the client in a holistic and natural manner, so they do not fall back into destructive behaviors.

Get Personalized Treatment at Passages Malibu Today

Each of our addiction and dependency rehabilitation programs, such as Xanax addiction rehab, have been carefully designed to help individuals with severe addiction issues. No matter how bad and complex your addiction and destructive behaviors are, our luxury rehab programs can handle them in an effective and appropriate manner.

We offer a personalized luxury treatment plan that can help individuals with addiction and the underlying issues feeding this destructive behavior. We use distinctive and unique methods of therapy to help the client heal spiritually, physically, and mentally so they can become whole as a healthy and productive individual. Call us at 866-327-3537 to find out more the philosophy of work at Passages Malibu; we will answer all of your queries about luxury treatment at our facility in a confidential manner.