Passages Malibu— The Perfect Luxury Escapade

Pax and Chris Prentiss, the co-founders of Passages Malibu, sought out the location of this luxury facility in hopes to find the perfect mix of an invigorating and relaxing environment. Malibu became the perfect destination, where they could build a resort-like rehab facility, providing addiction treatment in the most lavish ways.

Passages Malibu is built on 10 acres on land, present thirty miles from LA, it offers beautiful and scenic views of the Pacific Coast. The natural charm of the land is used to offer private quarters to each client, where they can relax and breath in the natural air from the ocean.

Best Places to Visit

During the latter half of the rehabilitation, we allow the individuals under our care to enjoy the locale and the attractions offered by Malibu. There are various locations that they could visit to please their aesthetic soul, one of which is the Getty Villa. Getty Villa offers comprehensive artistic galleries, filled with various accouterments and architectural designs. It also holds various exclusive and ancient art pieces from the Mediterranean world such as Roman, Greek, and Etruscan artifacts.

You can also visit Point Dume, which is a famous preserve and state beach; it offers beautiful scenery of the ocean and long pathways to clear the mind. It also offers a hiking trail that allows individuals to take in the beauty of the preserve as it outlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Best Places For Local Entertainment and Food

Once you get tired of hiking and walking on sandy beaches, you can visit the local streets and entertainment area near our facility, some of which are Malibu Pier and Malibu Farm. Both areas are built near the ocean and offer various exotic meals. They offer a beautiful spot on Malibu beaches where you can enjoy healthy and nutritious food at all times of the days. The Malibu Pier also offers various shopping opportunities as you enjoy a calming stroll through the pier.

Best Locale to Visit

Our facility is in the vicinity of various famous beaches that cater to the needs of extroverts and introverts in a natural way. If you enjoy rocky beaches and a long stretch of secluded areas, then you must visit El Matador State Beach Leo Carrillo State Park and Beach, both of which offer an option for hiking. If you enjoy clear and vast stretches of sandy beaches, where you can take relaxing morning jogs without bumping into other people, then Zuma Beach would be the best option for you.

Join us at Passages Malibu

These are only some of the attractions that are offered near our facility, and there are various other places you can visit and enjoy during the treatment. Moreover, our facility itself offers various exclusive services that can offer relaxation sessions. These sessions are available to the clients as many times as they need and can handle during the treatment. You can learn more about the luxuries and the relaxation sessions we offer at Passages Malibu by calling at our confidential helpline, 866-327-3537.