Two Ways to Contact us at Passages Malibu

We understand the needs of people struggling through addiction and dependency issues, which is why we have designed a caring and easy system of contact. We take pride in the support and comfort level kept at Passages Malibu, in the same manner, we offer comfortable ways of contacting and getting information regarding the treatment available for you.

You can call us at 866-327-3537 directly to get private and confidential information regarding the treatment available for your issues. Our helpline is directly connected with the admission office and will offer all the necessary information regarding the luxury treatment offered at Passages Malibu. Moreover, this helpline is active at all times of the day so you may call at any time needed.

If you cannot contact us through call due to anxiety or some other behavioral issues, then you can fill out the confidential form given below. Check the method of contact, whichever is comfortable, email or call. We will contact you ourselves with all the information needed for you to start your journey at Passages Malibu.

Call 866-327-3537

Confidential Contact Form

You can also use the confidential contact form given below to write out your queries, we will send you an information packet that has all the necessary information pertaining to your addiction treatment. Our admission center and our contact form follow strict confidential procedures; we assure you that all of your information will be handled with great care. Our admissions department is always open to answer any private queries, just call us at 855-987-8140 to get more information about our treatments and plans.

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