Passages Malibu— The Genesis of Our Treatment Philosophy and Approach

Passages Malibu came to be due to its unique philosophy and approach. However, the idea of our luxury rehab began with the experiences Pax, and Chris Prentiss went through during their search for an alternative form of addiction treatment. The search was the result of Pax’s addiction habits, which led him deeper into dependency and behavioral issues. Pax lost all his connections with his family and friends during this time.

Consumed with destructive habits, Pax was slowly lost control of his life, however, in a moment of strength he sought out help from family. Once, Chris Prentiss realized the extent of damage addiction had done on his son’s life, and he immediately asked him to join intensive residential programs that were built on a traditional form of addiction treatment. This program did not help Pax in the long run, as it offered clinical support and very limited freedom. Pax felt humiliated during the rehabilitation, he felt caged in prison with strangers who knew nothing about his struggles, yet labeled him as “addict.”

After the completion of the treatment, Pax felt alone, and without any support, he relapsed back into his old ways. However, Chris did not sit back down, and he understood that the treatment fell short in various ways. It did not have the compassion and the support needed for his son to completely recover. He looked for other methods treatment that used natural and supportive approach during rehabilitation.

Chris, during his search for a better treatment program, stumbled upon the western holistic methods and the eastern herbal methods of treating behavioral issues. These approaches promised treatment of addiction and dependency issues in a natural and gradual manner. Chris helped Pax follow these treatment approaches in the comfort of his home, and he was cared for by his family and friends that wanted to him to better.

Gradually, Pax started to follow healthier habits of dealing with stress and anger, as he realized he had better options than the destructive habits he used to follow. Ecstatic by this new discovery, Pax and Chris began their journey to help others suffering from the same issues as Pax.

Over the course of years, they sought out the perfect location and developed proper treatment plans to deal with addiction issues. Finally, in 2001, Passages Malibu was established, it held true to the philosophy of alternative and compassionate form treatment that helped Pax. The therapy approach followed herbal and holistic procedures that could heal and improve the overall health of the clients.

Now, we offer various specialized programs such as Xanax addiction rehab, which is specially designed to deal with Xanax dependency issues. Call us at 866-327-3537 to find out more about the rehabilitation process and the treatment offered during the process at Passages Malibu.