Xanax Addiction Rehab— Alternative Treatment at Passages Malibu

Xanax holds the highest position in the US as the most prescribed psychiatric medicine; its abundance makes its availability very easy.  Many individuals get addicted to this drug very quickly as one can develop a tolerance for this drug very quickly. As a benzodiazepine, it can lower stress, anxiety, restlessness, and many other issues in individuals; however, its withdrawal symptoms bring all these issues back twofold. Xanax drug addiction can make a person rely on its presence even when not needed, all energy is directed towards drug-seeking behavior.

Once dependent on this drug, it is impossible just to quit and go “cold turkey” as you might call it. Xanax addiction is a dependency issue, which needs to handle and controlled slowly. Otherwise, the person addicted to this drug might even get epileptic side effects in worst cases. The individual is forced to rely on Xanax to relax the body and mind to deal with the withdrawal effects, thus continuing the process of addiction.

Xanax addiction treatment includes professional therapy and support that can offer a safe and compassionate system of care. Our Xanax addiction rehab program has been designed to offer a stable environment, where the client is given a temptation-free lifestyle. They are given various other integrated forms of treatment, which uses our unique herbal and holistic approach to provide around-the-clock care.

The rehabilitation programs at Passages Malibu follow a distinctive philosophy of work, where the client enjoys the treatment in a luxurious and supportive environment. Moreover, each treatment is personalized to suit the specialized needs of the client. As Xanax addiction can cause various anxiety and panic related issues, we offer various stress-relieving therapy and herbal session to counteract the issue.

Exclusive and Personalized Treatment Plans

We understand the distinctive needs of each client as they have a different personality, upbringing, and history, which is why we offer a personalized system of care. The personalized system allows the therapists at our facility to prepare genuine and specialized programs just for one client. These plans will include various alternative therapy and holistic sessions.

Moreover, these exclusive plans will also include luxury amenities available just to you as suited per your addiction issue. These plans will undergo change as you make progress towards a healthier style of life. Confidential and private support will also be given to the client during all phases of recovery, so they never feel alone in their journey towards sobriety.

Xanax Addiction Treatment Using Our Unique Approach

All treatment plans offered at our luxury facility use our specialized approach of recovery. This approach has been developed after years of research on Xanax addiction so it may treat the issue in a focused manner. At Passages Malibu, we believe that addiction is the acclimation of other underlying behavioral issues that cause the client to behave erratically.

Xanax addiction stems from stress, anxiety, and panic-related underlying issues, however, it may be due to other social issues. Our rehabilitation program uses various holistic therapy sessions just to help clients learn healthier behaviors of coping with stress and anxiety. Other herbal treatments are also used to help the client gradually transition out of the withdrawal phase, so they feel very slight withdrawal side effects.

The Story behind Passages Malibu

The story of Passages Malibu’s origin is the backbone of our treatment philosophy in all of our rehabilitation programs. It started with Pax Prentiss, a man who had become addicted to various substances over the course of years. His addiction made him leave behind his friends, family, and partners. At his lowest, Pax reached out for help, and his father was there to grab his hand. 

Chris Prentiss, Pax’s father found an expensive and well-known traditional treatment program that could help Pax with his addiction. Pax accepted his father’s help and joined these programs; however, he quickly realized these programs could not help him. The rigid and clinical boundaries of the rehab program made him feel like a stranger. He did not feel connected during the group support sessions, the humiliation of being an addict in front of strangers made him feel even worse.

In the end, Pax relapsed after treatment. Chris did not stop looking for other forms of treatment that could help his son. Soon, he stumbled upon a unique holistic and herbal form of treatments that promised compassionate care without clinical enforcement of sobriety. He encouraged Pax to follow this approach of addiction recovery at home, under the care of family and friends.

Slowly, Pax started to feel a change in his lifestyle by following this unique approach of recovery, and he felt motivated to follow a healthier lifestyle. Delighted by the success of Pax’s recovery, both father and son vowed to help others suffering from the same issues of addiction. Gradually, over the course of years, Pax and Chris Prentiss developed the plans for Passages Malibu, a luxury rehabilitation facility that would offer alternative care in a compassionate environment.

Now, our facility has specialized its programs to offer various treatment plans such as Xanax addiction rehab, which has been specially designed to help Xanax dependency.  To find out more about the treatment offered during Xanax addiction rehab at Passages Malibu, please call us at 866-327-3537, we will answer all of your queries in a confidential manner.